February 26, 2010

Colette Calling

Sometimes the stars align, once in a while fate smiles and – occasionally – things just work out. OK – so I also did a bit of low level stalking when I was in Paris for New Year (notes on napkins left with the staff at Colette etc), and I asked my well-connected friend Coco (Corinne) to pull hard on some strings but, hey, it did the trick.

January 6th – Email from Colette


I received your email from Corinne

Of course we'll carry your book, and if you want, if you're in Paris, we can do a book signing in March during Fashion Week. Specially as we'll do a little corner with installations by designers like xxxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxxxxxxxx... •

So let me know what you think...

All the best”

• Names deleted due to current Top Secret Status

You’ll stock my book?!
You’ll organise a book signing, by ME?!
During Paris Fashion Week?!!!!!

Well, if you insist...


  1. Holy cow! I was going to ask if the signing was at Colette...but then I was like, well, there's bazillions of book/fashion shops in Paris besides the one you happen to know! Woo hoo -- you have to post pictures of the signing and set up and all that good stuff here!

  2. Thanks Michelle. Most especially for being my number 1 fan. Literally! x