February 28, 2010


Having signed up for the signing (and bitten Sarah Colette’s hand off in the process) it was suggested that I invite some of the jewellers profiled in my book to create a one-off piece especially for a Jewellery Corner that Colette are hosting during Paris Fashion Week.
In under 6 weeks, 24 jewellers from around the world have conceived, created and delivered a dazzling collection of pieces, which I will document over the coming week. The work-in-progress photos they’ve emailed me are burning a hole in my hard drive, but given the aforementioned ‘top secret’ nature of the display, I’ll (reluctantly) save them til after the unveiling which takes place in T minus 12 hours exactly.
Suffice to say, I’m bursting with excitement and pride at the enthusiasm with which all involved have taken up the challenge. And even if there have been a few misunderstandings as to the exact meaning of ‘one piece only’, or the flexibility of a ‘not-to-be-missed-deadline’, I think we’ve pulled it off.

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