February 28, 2010

Interior Ministry

I've been having an interiors moment of late. Perhaps it's because I finally painted the front room; maybe it's the imminent arrival of a new bathroom suite. Or, it could be down to the recently finished double-glazing-and-flash-new-blinds project that has seen my flat flooded with light – and filled with brawny men – for the first time in years.

Whatever it is, when it comes to inspiration www.theselby.com is my first (and often last) port of call.

So, the fact that in less than 6 days Todd Selby and I will be signing our new books in the same place, at the same time, is beyond exciting! I'm wondering if I should pack a moodboard to get his opinion on the bathroom...

The Selby's new book: The Selby Is In Your Place

Todd Selby and me (almost) in the same place...

Looking through Todd's site, I just came across these snaps of Yoshiko Kajitani's home. Yoshiko is the founder of Yoshiko Creation Paris, and one of the jewellers I profiled in Fashion Jewellery: Catwalk & Couture. She has created the most amazing piece of jewellery to accompany the book's launch at Colette. It goes on display tomorrow morning so until then, feast your eyes on this...

All photos: www.theselby.com


  1. OMG! A-mazing. Seriously so jealous...you're going to meet the great Mr. Selby! You're my hero.

  2. Wow Yoshiko Kajitani's piece is beautiful. Can't wait to see it for real at Colette.

    Just wondering who else had created one-offs for the launch?

  3. Maia, I'm so excited about the book and the blog and the exhibition. I have a pair of Margiela shoes which are going to be christened for the occasion. We're gonna party like it's 2001! Maybe we'll even get legitimate invites to places on the back of your imminent fame...

  4. Thanks all.
    Michelle - I know. Result! I wonder who'll get the longer queue of fans...

    Ruth - I'll post a list of other contributors asap. I wanted to wait til the exhibition went live before I revealed all. God, I hate keeping secrets!

    Evie, invites would be great but when did we ever let their absence stop us blagging it into the best parties???