March 2, 2010

Watch The Birdie

As promised, here's the piece of jewellery that Yoshiko Creation Paris designed and flew over to Paris for the Colette book launch.

And when I say piece of jewellery, I mean the whole thing. It's a ring, fashioned from a 10cm-high bird which perches on the wearer's finger.

Yoshiko's a bit of a rare bird herself. She's self-taught in the dark arts of taxidermy (skills that she's put to good use here) and likens the process of designing jewellery to an 'act of poetry'. We've never met in person, but I suspect she's quite a laugh and I'm looking forward to making her acquaintance in Paris this weekend.

When I asked Yoshiko what her first professional break was, she said it was the moment Sarah from Colette took a shine to a beaded, African-inspired necklace Yoshiko had made.

I wonder what Sarah made of Tweetie Pie when he fluttered into her office last Sunday.

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