May 17, 2010

By George!

The BBC are having an '80s revival at the moment so it was phones off and pizzas in for guilty tv pleasures aplenty this weekend. Top Gun on Saturday was pure testosterone with Tom Cruise variously flexing his buns in little white pants/rocking ray bans in a night club/sweatily boshing a volleyball at an oiled up Val Kilmer/shooting his missiles at sonofabitch Mig fighter pilots. People who claim there's a homoerotic subtext here don't know what they're talking about.

Last night, no subtext was needed for Worried About The Boy - a biopic about Boy George that focused on his pre-fame ambitions, his mid-80s descent into drug-n-fame hell and – most of all – his ability to seduce straight men.

In homage, here's a little snippet from my book in which dandy jeweller, and fellow Blitz Kid, Judy Blame, talks about the day he lent George some jewels for a TV appearance:

In his autobiography, ‘Take It Like A Man,’ Boy George wrote of my jewellery: 'I picked out several pieces of garish gold neck jewellery and a pair of razzle-dazzle earrings. Five minutes before we went on air I still couldn't decide what necklace to wear so I wore them all. It was the campest thing you've ever seen in your life!'

Collage courtesy of Judy Blame

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