August 18, 2010

Sites For Sore Eyes

Fine jewellery websites can take themselves a bit seriously sometimes so it's refreshing to come across a couple that take a more lighthearted approach to presenting their wares. The animations on Solange Azagury-Partridge's site (including the tumbling gems, above) and the irreverent names she gives her often tongue-in-cheek jewellery make for good browsing.

To see how Dior creative director, Victoire de Castellane, constructs on of her French fancies check out the little film under Milly Carnivora. I love the fact that the jewellery looks like it could have come out of a Christmas cracker but costs an average year's salary.

And should my future husband happen to chance upon this, if he presents me with the 'Oui' ring - my answer would be a definite 'yes'.


  1. Oui! Moi Aussi...

    Bisous Cherie,

    Chrissy x

  2. Hey Ginta, good confectionery spot but they're actually Smarties. The ring's called Smartie Mother and if you look on Solange's website there's a single sweet version called Smartie Baby. Samller but just as mouthwatering!

  3. Daisy wants the Daisy ring. hint hint Boy if you happen to be reading this...