September 6, 2010


Talk about a blast from the past! When my brother and I were little we spent many a thrilling hour transforming crisp packets into shrinkydinks much like those sported by these models in the latest edition of Pop.

The formula is simple: buy crisps, eat crisps, place empty crisp packet in hot oven, ponder the miracle that is a crisp packet shrinking to a fraction of its size, allow now Liliputian crisp packet to cool and… and… not much else really.

Youngsters today would probably find such forms of entertainment dull, but back in the early 80s – especially if you were a kid from the countryside – this was the savoury snack-based equivalent of alchemy. Fun, fun, fun. Probably highly toxic. But oh, such fun.

Photo: Jamie Morgan
Styling: Tamara Rothstein
From POP AW2010

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