October 25, 2010

Centaur Perks

Talk about naive. I just googled the words 'Pierre Hardy Hermès' to find out how long I'd have to save / hard I'd have to work in order to treat myself to a ring from this 14-piece jewellery collection designed by the prolific French designer for Hermès.

Inspired by a horse's hoof (in keeping with the brand's equestrian roots) the Centaur collection's cheapest piece comes in at $23,675. Top whack – for those who are interested – is $880,000. On the plus side each item does come in a sumptuous custom-made alligator box.


  1. Absolutely LOVE these - do I always say that on your blog? I saw these a couple of weeks ago and have been coveting them ever since! Great post Maia, always inspiring

  2. He he, thanks J, how about we pool our resources, mortgage the homes, max out the credit cards and buy one between us?

  3. I've also been looking out for these, but I still don't think the alligator box legitimizes the hefty price tag, they are BEAUTIFUL though!!