October 12, 2010

Fabulous Fabergé

In celebration of the re-entry – after almost 100 years – of Fabergé into the world of fine jewellery, here's a piece I wrote which has just been published in Plaza Watch magazine.

The collection is called Les Fabuleuses is divided into three lines: Les Fleurs (created in homage to the extravagant flower balls that epitomised grand living under the last Russian Tsar), Les Fables (inspired by Russian myths and legends) and Les Fauves, which broadly references the animals of which founder Peter Carl Fabergé was so fond.

Underpinning the collection is the notion of fauvism – a central tenet of art theory which held sway during Russia’s hugely influential Silver Age. At its heart lay the notion that colour acts as an emotional trigger and its power is able to affect the soul. Artists influenced by Fauvism included stage and costume designer, Leon Bakst, founder of the Ballets Russes, Sergei Diaghilev, and painters Marc Chagall and Vassily Kandinsky.

Red = courage, ritual and passion
Purple = mystery and royalty
Blue = truth and peace
Pink = love and beauty
Yellow = wisdom
Green = nature
Grey = maturity and security

Here's a few pieces from the ever-changing Les Fabuleuses collection. Each confection is a one-off and can take hundreds of hours to create. For those who like to make a statement...

Sea Tzar Brooch
Pansy Brooch
Red Jasper Scarab
Black Sea Serpent Ring
Nomade Bracelet
Giant Magnolia Ring
Savoyarde Verte Ring
Charmeuse Bangle

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