October 18, 2010

So good Karl did it too...

Whilst I was at The Box trade fair in Paris recently, I chanced upon a lovely lady called Francesca who does the PR for Italian jewellery brand, Ioselliani.

We got chatting about all sorts: good looking designers who get together (Iosseliani was founded by the not ugly couple, Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci), collaborations with other brands (in a previous life Giacomelli worked with Missoni, Fiorucci and Kenzo) and, especially, the use of interesting techniques as seen on these oxidised metal pieces.

By the looks of Chanel's ss2011 catwalk, Karl's liking it too...

Photos: catwalking.com


  1. ooh and now i might have to try my hand at it too!!

  2. well be sure to let us see how it goes if you do try it...