November 16, 2010

A Seal Of Approval

Dutchman Ten Noten has been many things in his professional lifetime: bricklayer, psychiatric nurse, artist, designer, jeweller.

Based in Amsterdam, Noten creates life sized compositions which are then translated into miniature versions and cast in gold, alternatively he casts unexpected objects in acrylic. Either way, much of it ends up as jewellery, albeit of an unconventional nature.

Previous projects have included sealing a gecko inside a block of acrylic (a mouse wearing a pearl necklace got the same treatment), and sawing a Mercedes Benz car into brooches. His 2009 magnum opus, Haunted by 36 Women, was a jewellery collection inspired by sculptures Noten created which were in turn inspired by 36 different female 'types' – career woman, femme fatale, fashionista, etc…

This collaboration with jeweller Joost Lyppens saw Noten cast diamonds in acrylic. Funny.


  1. Diamonds in acrylic! Love love love. Feel a tiny bit sorry for that chameleon, though!

  2. I feel sorrier for the mouse wearing a peral necklace. Google it for a guilty giggle!