February 4, 2011

Watch The Birdie

Giant white bird pendants are not something you expect to see every day and yet I've come across two today already.

The first (on a very cool lady in Milan) was in a recent post from The Sartorialist's website, the second is taken from the cover of a book called Jewellery by Jack Ogden. I spotted it in the window of a second hand book store at lunchtime and the coincidence was too great. I had to go in and buy it. Turns out the gold and enamel swan lives at the British Museum and dates from 1400.

So there we are. I thought feathered jewellery might be in for ss2011, but ardent fans of the look should consider working the whole bird instead.


  1. Love it - and amazing that a piece dating from 1400 can look so relevant for today - a sign of great design I guess!

  2. I totally agree. The old adage is true, great design stands the test of time. I particularly love the swan's daintily lifted foot. Thanks for reading!