March 3, 2010

3 Is The Magic Number

33000 words
3333 emails
300 (+) photos
33 profiles
3-year gestation (and no epidural)

It can't be a coincidence, but what does it mean? Perhaps numerology holds the answer...

The theory's somewhat elusive, but it seems that if 3 crops up a lot in your in your numerology chart (?) you are: creative, socially active, artistic, very positive, optimistic, playful, happy, fun-loving, inspirational, imaginative, motivating, enthusiastic and uplifting.
You also have great verbal skills and a talent for self expression. You're a great communicator, you enjoy life and you don't take things too seriously.

It's all true!

Suitable career choices include entertainer (NO!), writer (UNCANNY), actor (EUCH!), musician (after 6 years of piano lessons Chopsticks remains the pinnacle of my achievements).


But hang on, what's this?

"You are also disorganised, irresponsible, moody, emotional, vulnerable and cynical, you lack focus and discipline and you might have difficulties with handling money. You tend to scatter your energies, you often lack direction and it might be difficult for you to finish projects."

Numerology? Pah...


  1. Did a little write-up about your blog and came across this:

    Already getting some blog lovin'! Nice!

  2. Thanks Ms Dash - another one for the press book!

  3. Tried my own numerology chart. Tells me I'm going to be a financial whizzkid. GCSE Maths teach probably sniggering up his sleeve. If I AM going to be rich, though, I might as well spend the cash on what I want right now, and what better than to pick up my very own version of Maia's book from Amazon? Can't wait. For the book. The money is a given, it seems...