March 10, 2010

A Real Knee Trembler

Just back from Paris. Lots to report but for now (and until I get my head round it all) here's proof that a signing took place:

Photo by Karl Hab

I’d like to say that I wasn’t nervous but several factors suggest otherwise:

- I bought indigestion pills for the first time in my life.

- I washed down my pre-signing lunch (what I could eat of it) with half a bottle of Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

- I signed a whole bunch of books with the wrong (Feb, not March) date. Luckily Colette’s staff were on hand to point out the error and ask me to re-sign them in full view of a TV camera and a gaggle of curious shoppers.

- I’ve yet to see a photo of the event where I’m not doing a brilliant impression of a red-faced rabbit in the headlights.
To follow - I will – at long last – reveal the one-off, never-before-seen, specially-created-for-Colette-and-the-book-launch pieces of jewellery that flew in from all over the world. Phew! It was hard work, but so definitely worth it.

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