March 23, 2010

Crystal Clear

Currently lighting up the windows of London’s Dover Street market, this installation of Baccarat chandeliers is Rei Kawakubo’s homage to the crystal-meisters’ latest jewellery collection. Designed in collaboration with Elie Top (the man behind Lanvin’s exquisite jewellery of late) Bouchons de Carafe is a range of hand-cut cocktail rings, pendants and bangles inspired by the stoppers of 100-year-old Baccarat brandy decanters and perfume bottles.

"I decided to go back to Baccarat’s roots”, says Top of the collection which launches in April. “For me, the name Baccarat suggests chandeliers, gleaming facets and French-style luxury. I aimed to revive these design codes, but with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour. In French, one says that a diamond is ‘as big as a decanter stopper!’ The collection is a light-hearted take on this expression, as well as a respectful tribute to Baccarat."

Check out this clip of Top explaining it in his own words. It's worth a peek just to see his top (ahem) 'tache.

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