March 21, 2010

Woof Woof

The Hermès Collier du Chien started life in the 1930s as a collar designed for the bulldog of a wealthy Hermès client. Over the years the studded C.d.C has been re-incarnated in a multitude of styles – most often as a wrist cuff – much loved by wealthy Hermès clients. And much lusted after by me.

Above is the latest, diamond pavé-embellished Collier du Chien model.

Below, some oldies-but-goodies.


  1. I have lusted after one of these bracelets for so long! They're so classic. That 1st bracelet is amazing - I love the sheen and sparkle! Too bad it probably costs more than my car! ;)

  2. hey jewelrywhore - maybe we could recruit a couple of fellow lust-ers get some kind of timeshare going...?

  3. I'm in. I'm sucker for a jazzy cuff - these are amazing.

    Really loving your blog Maia. As a fellow magpie I've been popping back regularly to feed my addiction.

    Keep them coming!