March 10, 2010

Reality Bites

So on Friday, shortly after arriving in Paris, I hit Colette for an undercover reccy. I wanted to scout out the space and see what the jewellery exhibition looked like in real life.

On the way up to the 2nd floor I overheard a beautifully dressed, superbly camp American chap ask his friend: 'Did you see the costume jewellery upstairs? It's amaaaaaaaazing.'

I resisted the urge to correct him (the term costume jewellery's so last century) and settled instead for a smug inward grin.

If I'm totally honest, the display itself lacked a certain je ne sais quoi - the pieces were arranged in a row on a ledge – but if the throngs of people handling (and occasionally dropping) the jewellery were anything to go by, the merchandising wasn't putting them off.

Somehow, in all the commotion, I forgot to get a photo of the display. Until I track one down, here's a picture of the space with someone else's display in it. The ledge is visible at the back.

Downstairs, Todd Selby had set up home in the shop window. I went down, introduced myself and asked him to sign his book for me. It's gorgeous. I'm jealous.

Too much coffee, 4 neon green macaroons for lunch, and the anxiety of finally seeing the jewellery had left me twitchy and sweaty. I suspect Selby pegged me for an over eager fan. He looked nervous and grateful to have a pretty Japanese lady sandwiched between us.

Selby's Bedroom aka Colette's window

Selby's 'Front Door'

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