October 5, 2010

Maripol & Marc

Back in early 80s New York stylist, designer and all-round scenester, Maripol, made name for herself as the woman responsible for creating Madonna's iconic Like A Virgin look. More specifically, hers were the fash-trash rubber bracelets favoured by the badass Material Girl - pictured here with Maripol.

In 1978, Maripol's first rubber collection doubled as the debut accessory & jewellery line for Fiorucci. More recently she collaborated with Marc Jacobs on a limited edition collection of 13 jewellery pieces including flouro lucite bangles, metallic studded cuffs and multi-coloured rubber earrings.

In homage to Maripol's habit of shooting Polaroids to document her famous friends (Jean-Michel Basquiat, Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Grace Jones to name a few) the packaging of her new line sports a signed snap featuring the trinket stashed inside the silver bubble wrap pocket. Here's my purchase from the the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Paris. Like all the best buys, this one's staying sealed and pristine til it's a proper collector's item.

Photos 2 & 3 courtesy http://famespy.com

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