October 4, 2010

Paris Is Burning. So Are My Feet.

I spent the weekend in Gay Paree walking the length and breadth of the city checking out the ss2011 jewellery collections at the many, many, MANY trade fairs and showrooms dotted round the beautiful French capital. Exhausting but enlightening, it was well worth the chiropodist bills I think I'm about to run up. More detail to follow as I'm able to piece it together, but for now here's a few atmos pix...

The Anne Demeulemeester showroom complete with miniature city window display. Check out the beads inside the rings.

The exhibits at Colette, including Swarovski pieces by Karl Lagerfeld (bangles etc) and Fendi (birdie bag), a necklace-like illustration by Basement Crew and a fairylight-embellished table and chair by someone whose name I forgot to note.

A real live model modelling socialite and accessory designer Yazbukey's ss2011 collection at the Colette Hermes collaboration launch party. Yaz herself was the epitome of laissez faire cool in a granny hairnet (to prevent her hair frizzing in the rain) and juicy fuchsia pink shorts.

The jewellery displays at concept store, Merci

The humble chub key gets a makeover at the Surface To Air party.


  1. The prints are by Gordon Millsaps and the lovely light furniture is
    by Chris Beeston.
    See Colette's website for more photos!