March 15, 2011

Dolly Mixtures

Pulling heads of dollies is nothing new, but American jeweller, Margaux Lange, has turned it into an artform.

In her bid to examine pop culture's fascination with the iconic Barbie, Lange cuts up second-hand dolls (the fact that they have been pre-owned is important to Lange who is also interested in the notion of re-cycling mass produced items) and mounts their body parts in silver. The result is a range of surreal confections that comprise her Plastic Bodies Series.

And to those who preferred Ken, fret not. His bits'n'bobs get the chop too.

40 Giggles Bracelet
Polka Dot Eye Ring
Bubblegum Pop Necklace
hEarring Blossom
Winged Arm Neckpiece


  1. These are great! They sound creepy but are more Warhol than Adams Family.

  2. Yes they are kind of disturbing, aren't they Liz? Although coming from an Adams family myself, I can attest to the fact that we're all very normal!