March 18, 2011

Hanna Martin's New Collection

Last night saw me rubbing shoulders (and everything else) with London's coolest fash fans as we crammed into Dover Street Market to witness the unveiling of hot-right-now Hannah Martin's new jewellery collection, The Man Who Knows Everything.

Ramping the drama levels to the max Martin had teamed up with German designer/artist, Moritz Waldemayer, to create an installation which saw a bejewelled prism suspended in a black obelisk and surrounded by lazers which emitted noises when plucked. With a film by SHOWstudio playing in the background, and dry ice swirling through the darkness, it was quite the sci-fi experience.

Inspired by Le Comte de Saint Germain – an alchemist who apparently lived for 400 years – and a quote by the French philosopher, Voltaire, who claimed: 'The man who knows everything never dies', the installation also featured an augmented reality machine (magic box?) which let guests 'try on' the expensive jewels.

You'd never think from the crummy image below that I asked a man with his own very fancy camera to capture the moment my cardboard ring became a multi-thousand pound, limited edition masterpiece. Disappointing. You'll just have to imagine it.


  1. Amazing to see - what an exciting collaboration. Love the juicy jewels in the prism settings too.

  2. Thanks J, Can always count on you to spot a winner!