September 29, 2010

Flower Power

I thought Carrie Bradshaw had killed it for good but it looks like the floral corsage (and variations therof) is back with a vengeance for ss2011. Pretty.

Moschino Cheap & Chic
Maurizio Pecoraro
Clements Ribeiro
Jason Wu
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs
Twenty8 Twelve
Mary Katrantzou


Breast Is Best

There's a theory in fashion that during times of global uncertainty and economic strife, tailoring become popular. Something to do with the way structured clothes induce a sense of cosseting, security and a control. With so many variations on the breastplate-style necklace coming down the catwalks, is ss2011's jewellery reflecting a similar desire for protection?

Duro Olowu
Emporio Armani
Holly Fulton
Jeremy Laing
Lela Rose
Mary Katrantzou
Jenni Kayne

In some cases designers have gone a step further, creating garments that incorporate jewellery-inspired breastplates directly into the bodice.

Todd Lynn

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September 22, 2010

Sugar Rush

SS2011's sweet enough to bring on a diabetic attack...

Lela Rose
Marc By Marc Jacobs (2&3)
House Of Holland
Fashion Fringe
Cynthia Rowley
Altuzarra (8&9)


Stud U Like

Burberry’s Christopher Bailey has gone back to the company’s brimming archives once again for ss2011, this time to the outfits Thomas Burberry designed for England's first motorbike riders in the early 1900s. The Heritage Biker collection certainly got our engines revving.


September 6, 2010


Talk about a blast from the past! When my brother and I were little we spent many a thrilling hour transforming crisp packets into shrinkydinks much like those sported by these models in the latest edition of Pop.

The formula is simple: buy crisps, eat crisps, place empty crisp packet in hot oven, ponder the miracle that is a crisp packet shrinking to a fraction of its size, allow now Liliputian crisp packet to cool and… and… not much else really.

Youngsters today would probably find such forms of entertainment dull, but back in the early 80s – especially if you were a kid from the countryside – this was the savoury snack-based equivalent of alchemy. Fun, fun, fun. Probably highly toxic. But oh, such fun.

Photo: Jamie Morgan
Styling: Tamara Rothstein
From POP AW2010