April 26, 2011

Walter's Willie

I've had this image filed as Walter Albini for ages. Now I can't recall if the famed Italian fashion designer was responsible for the jewellery, the display, or both. Whatever, it's certainly a novel approach to merchandising...

April 23, 2011

Taking The Miki

I spotted this Yaguruma sash clip on a recent trip to Basel and was struck by two things: the story and the workmanship.

First shown by Mikimoto at the 1937 World Exposition in Paris, the multifunctional piece of jewellery comprises 11 parts which can be assembled to create no fewer than 12 forms of adornment.

Yaguruma went AWOL after the expo and only re-surfaced in 1989 when it was bought by the Mikimoto Pearl Island Co. at an auction in New York. Today it lives in the Pearl Museum on Mikimoto Pearl Island.

Random Treats

Been meaning to write witty, insightful posts about each of these pix but I'm never gonna get round to that (busy, busy on exciting TBC projects) so here they are in a totally random post. Think of it as inspiration.

Dougal gets a Lasry makeover

Photo by Iwajla Klinker

From the Fred Leighton website