February 25, 2011

Chocs Away

I'm always on the lookout for novel ways to editorialise jewellery. This chocolate box selection card-inspired layout from Italian mag, Flair, tickles me pink.

Bijoux Baubles

I wrote a little piece about De Grisogono's Bijoux Boule bracelet for Plaza Watch magazine recently. Here it is accompanied by Emma-Lina Ericson's cool illustration.

Giraffe In Jewels. Nipples Too.

Russian illustrator, Zutto, put a smile on my face today. Even manages to make nipple pasties half acceptable.

February 14, 2011

How Wallis Wore It

Following yet another win for movie juggernaut, The King's Speech, at the BAFTAs last night I think a timely jewellery post is in order.

Wallis Simpson, aka the Duchess of Windsor, aka the woman for whom Edward VIII abdicated his throne in 1936 (thus sending the royals into a stiff upper lipped tailspin) appears briefly and not particularly favourably.

Still, whatever the American socialite’s flaws, she knew a thing or two about jewellery of the ultra-fabulous kind. Never mind her Cartier collection – 20 pieces of which were auctioned at Sotheby’s last December for a cool $12.5 million USD – it’s her links to Van Cleef and Arpels that I find more interesting.

During the 1950s, at Simpson’s suggestion, Van Cleef created the now iconic zip necklace. Worn open as a necklace or zipped up into a bracelet, the Zip consists of two gold ribbons bordered with tiny hooks that fit into one another. The Zip opens and closes as the diamond-set tassel moves the slider up and down.

Here's actress Eve Best playing a VCandA bedecked Wallis in the movie.

- Cosmos earrings, white gold and diamonds

- Cadenas watch, yellow gold and pavé diamonds

- Zip Pompom necklace, white gold and diamonds

- Forêt ring, Mystery Set rubies, yellow gold and diamonds – the mystery setting was another Van Cleef creation. Stones are set on fine gold or platinum net so that no claws can be seen on the jewel’s surface. The reduced amount of metal on the finished item means the stones are showcased to maximum effect.

And here’s the new look Zip. This design (one of a 4-strong collection released last month to coincide with Haute Couture Week in Paris) is made from pearls and lapis lazuli with the traditional pom pom tassel closer.

February 12, 2011


Andrés Gallardo (or Oso Polar, who commented on my Prada banana earrings post a while back) is the Spanish designer behind Brokenporcelain, a collection of somewhat dark accessories made from, you got it, broken porcelain.

I really like what he does. It would be so easy to miss the mark with this kind of thing but I think he hits it head on.

For more of the same, and an insight into Andrés' inspirations, check out his lovely blog here http://abyandresgallardo.blogspot.com

Boys In Jewels 6

Eric B. & Rakim work the blink-and-you'll-miss-it gold chain look

Lyrics from the hip hop duo's Follow The Leader track taken from the 1988 album of the same name.
A Furified Freestyle, Lyrics Of Fury
My Third Eye Makes Me Shine Like Jewelry
You're Just A Rent-a-rapper, Your Rhymes Are Minute-maid
I'll Be Here When It Fade To Watch You Flip Like A Renegade

And here's what Chanel went and did with it AW1991

February 10, 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful 2

My latest second hand shop purchase: 'Chrysanthemum' clip on earrings which, from certain angles, look a bit like something out of Alien.

My latest Ebay purchase: a collection of 1950s bug brooches. The gold one has tremblant wings which are set on spring so they vibrate when the wearer moves.

A bangle which I love, but for the life of me I can't recall where I found the image. I think it might be Lanvin.

Myia Bonner for Adorn Insight

As part of the Adorn Insight launch this week, Juliet and I got together with hot young jeweller, Myia Bonner, to design a promotional ring. Tapping into spring's mood for fluoro hues, as well as a tongue-in-cheek take on the precious gem we came up with these fab perspex rings.

Here's a few other pieces from Myia's current Rough Diamond collection.

Adorn Insight Is Born

I just got back from a baptism of fire at Birmingham's Spring Fair, where Adorn London's editor, Juliet Hutton-Squire, and I launched an exciting new venture which has had us both working like demons for the last few months.

The sleepless nights, bitten nails and spotty outbreaks have all been worth it though. In two short days we were signed up as Professional Jeweller's official trade media partner, and we came back with more interest and leads than we could ever have hoped for.

To find out more about Adorn Insight, our groundbreaking jewellery trend analysis service, click here to have a read of the article penned by PJ's lovely and very on-it editor, Rachael Taylor.

What's Up, Doc?

Fans of rabbit pie might enjoy this new take on an a traditional staple. Part of jeweller Aurea Praga's I'm All Ears series, the idea behind this golden bunny ring is as follows:

• write a secret on one of the paper strip that come with the ring
• fold the paper and insert it into the shallow inner space of the ring
• place the ring on your finger
• wear aforementioned secret all day long

You can find Aurea's Etsy shop here.

February 4, 2011

Watch The Birdie

Giant white bird pendants are not something you expect to see every day and yet I've come across two today already.

The first (on a very cool lady in Milan) was in a recent post from The Sartorialist's website, the second is taken from the cover of a book called Jewellery by Jack Ogden. I spotted it in the window of a second hand book store at lunchtime and the coincidence was too great. I had to go in and buy it. Turns out the gold and enamel swan lives at the British Museum and dates from 1400.

So there we are. I thought feathered jewellery might be in for ss2011, but ardent fans of the look should consider working the whole bird instead.